Chosen Designs seeks to provide premium street wear, that inspires confidence and positivity through urban Christ centered fashion.

Chosen Designs, founded by CEO Mickella Rumbolt, was created to spread God's word; through his teachings and positive messages. As a fashion business graduate Mickella, has a passion for Chosen and a passion to bring confidence, joy and happiness to many. Mickella believes everyone is chosen, and everyone has a powerful purpose in life. She believes one must believe in themselves and trust that God will guide, comfort and strengthen them in anything they put their mind to. Secondly to never give up on what God has chosen you to do or become, and keep pushing for greatness.

As Chosen continues to expand and grow Chosen emphasizes the importance of giving. Through God nothing is impossible, and this is his brand for his glory. 10% of all proceeds go to our sister organization Chosen Cares (Instagram @chosen.cares). Chosen Cares is dedicated in providing marginalized communities with tangible resources.

For many are called, but few are chosen. Matthew 22:14

"Your are loved. You are chosen. You are blessed." - Quinn Loftis